Allure Modern Nails Spa in Longview, TX 75605 | Longview Towne Crossing




Allure’s Classic Manicure

A quick soak, cuticle care, & finish with polish for those on the run.

Allure's Signature Manicure

A spa service for hands & nails, perfect for those with the desire for soft skin. After a trim, cuticle care, a lemon mask on your arms with a hot towel, we end with a pa raff in the dip to get your hands silky smooth.

Lavender Hand Facial

Our popular manicure exfoliates, nourishes, renews, & protects damaged skin with an anti-aging lavender mask that's applied to your arms & then wrapped with a hot towel to help relax your arms.



Herbal Mineral Bath

A combination of 21 herbs creates an optimal environment for a soothing and relaxing bathing experience while conditioning and nurturing the skin

Liquid Body Lufra

Provides essential exfoliation by gently working away surface impurities and dead skin

Baobab Body Butter

- Delivers all day moisturization for supple, healthy-looking skin

- Contains high levels of antioxidants

- Promotes softer, smoother, and more toned looking skin

- Enhances the resiliency of skin over time



Icedancer Invigorating Gel

Revives, stimulates, refreshes, cools and soothes tired, achy arms & hands



Allure's Classic Pedicure

Get your cuticle treatment with nails shaped & polished along with a peppermint scrub & a five-minute massage.

Onsen Hot Spring Pedicure

Soak in citrus & honey essence & luxuriate in aromatherapy, gently massage with honey scrub over feet & legs, unveiling youthful skin. Includes a paraffin dip to soften your heels and a ten-minute massage.

Allure's Signature Pedicure

Bathe your feet in an anti-bacterial tea tree, peppermint & eucalyptus soak with this aromatic spa experience! Our shea butter scrub, peppermint mask & callous remover will promote skin turnover. Finish with a ten-minute massage & a hot paraffin dip that will leave your feet baby smooth!

Sea Extracts Pedicure

Our spa marine mask, enhanced with hydrating sea extracts & smoothing botanicals leave your feet feeling soft, moisturized & cool. Finish with a seven-minute sea extract therapeutic oil massage.

Lavender Mist Spa Pedicure

Soak in lavender crystals & exfoliate your dry skin with an aromatic foot scrub. The lavender yogurt mask nourishes & moisturizes the skin, leaving a soft glowing & refreshed feeling. Finish with a seven-minute lavender butter massage & a hot paraffin dip.

Pearl Spa

Pearl powder contains 18 amino acids & over a dozen minerals, including the 10 essential amino acids necessary for the human body to heal & maintain cell nutrition. Includes paraffin dip & a ten-minute hot stone massage.

Cooling Cucumber Pedicure

Bathe your feet in an anti-bacterial tea tree, peppermint & eucalyptus soak with this aromatic spa experience! Our shea butter scrub, peppermint mask & callous remover will promote skin turnover. Enjoy a ten-minute massage & a hot paraffin dip to leave your skin soft & silky.

Strawberry Margarita Pedi

Soak your feet in a bath of essential oils & minerals with a strawberry aroma. Soften your skin with a scrub, mask, hot towel & a ten-minute massage with strawberry lotion.

Milk & Honey Pedicure

Our honey scrub is filled with antioxidants that rejuvenate your skin, while its hydrogen peroxide properties aid cleansing. The honey mask seals in moisture leaving skin soft & supple. A callous remover & paraffin wax dip is applied on afterward to soften & moisturize your feet.

Exotic Mango Pedicure

Our mango salt scrub gently cleanses, exfoliate & condition the skin through light massage. A cooling mango clay mask is designed to gently tighten the skin. A paraffin dip & a deep ten-minute massage promotes soft skin.

Green Tea

This spa pedicure is designed to hydrate & detoxify your feet, purifying skin with botanical extracts. Green tea essences help heal, rejuvenate & relax. Using the signature Voesh green tea massage cream, we give you a ten-minute massage to leave you relaxed.



Smoothing Pedicure

Starting with a Mineral Herbal Bath soak then followed by a gentle massage and exfoliation with natural Body Liquid Lufra. After nails and cuticles are carefully trimmed and shaped, heels are treated with all Spice Berry Sole Solution. Finish with a traditional lower leg massage using Body Smoother lotion leaving your skin feeling silky.

Ice Dancer Pedicure

Your feet have been long waiting for this rejuvenating pedicure. Say ahh... to a warm whirlpool soaking with Mineral Herbal Bath. Then a gentle massage and Walnut Husk Liquid Body Lufra exfoliation. While regular pedicure complements are tented, a calf massage with the Invigorating Icedancer and steamy towel wrap are added for restoring vitality and energizing the legs. Dry heels are also treated with an all Spice Berry Sole Solutions. Finish with a soft yet intense hydrating Baobab for an ultimate experience.

Firewalker Pedicure

Indulge in this guilty pleasure without the guilt. The Firewalker Pedicure will leave your feet and legs feeling amazing. Using Herbal Mineral Bath, a blend of Grapefruit Body Bar and Walnut Body Lufra Exfoliating and top it off with the Revitalizing Ice Dancer leg massage and hot towel wrap to bring your pedicure experience to a whole new level. Along with our most famous Sole Solutions heel treatment, finger pressure massage techniques using Firewalker Cream will take all the tiredness away. Finish with the ultimate soft Baobab Body Butter.



Express Facial (30 Mins)

Maintain that healthy glow between full facials! An ideal facial customized to meet your specific requirements with cleansing, steam, exfoliation, & masque.

Brightening Facial (60 Mins)

Nature's most potent nutrients brighten & reveal more youthful skin formulated for environmentally damaged, repaired & nourished pigmentation skin problems.

European Facial (65 Mins)

Complete facial treatment that will leave your skin looking radiant & fresh. Specially customized to help remove dead skin cells & clean the pores for smooth skin. Includes skin cleansing, steam exfoliation, shoulder & neck massage, treatment masque, & extraction if appropriate.